RBS Bookkeeping Services

I would like to differentiate the difference between a Bookkeeper and Accountant: As you have noticed we offer Bookkeeping services and not Accounting services. In the State of Texas, the word "Accounting" is legally associated with "Certified Public Accountancy". Even though "accounting" is a generic term in the common language, bookkeeping cannot be considered a subset of "accounting", therefore, we want our clients to know that RBS is a Bookkeeping provider and not an Accounting firm; therefore, there are a number of functions such as reviews, compilations, or audits that cannot be performed by a Bookkeeping service providers. We have CPA’s that we work with to offer such services if needed.


RBS IS Virtual Bookkeeping Services that takes your source documents such as bank statements, bills and invoices, make sense of them and get them entered and categorized into QuickBooks. We connect with our clients by using Google +, emails, Skype, Evernote, whatever form of communication that is used today we will use to stay in contact with customers. We also utilize SamrtVault, a secure program accepted by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) to interchange documents, or you can mail/courier us your receipts, we can send you a prepaid envelope so the business can send us the necessary documentation to prepare the books.

Every business owner should be keeping good bookkeeping records. If you do not have a set of books for your business, you are going to be in trouble! How do you know how your business is doing? How do you know if you are operating at a profit or loss? How do you report your income and expenses to the IRS? RBS will answer all of those questions for you.

After all reconciliations and our review is complete, you will get a set of reports that will be the road map to how your business is performing. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, timely and consistent business services. This in turn allows you to spend more time focusing on growing your business and generating profits.

Client Satisfaction Guarantee- If a client is dissatisfied with any component of our services, and the client reaches out to us by the 7th day through the 30th day of the current month, RPS will offer a 30 day and or one month credit for services to our client. If our client is still dissatisfied, RPS will offer our client a refund. Our refund policy- If together, RPS and our client cannot resolve the issue through communication, RPS will refund the client the full monthly service fee for the related month in which our services did not meet the client standards or the client was not satisfied with our services. Cancellation Policy-If our client is not completely satisfied with our services, you may provide a 30 day notice with your intent to cancel your services via electronic mail to alexr@riojasgroup.com or regular postal service mail to our office address: 5705 Springfield Avenue Laredo, Texas 78041. Our billing practices are forward looking for 30 days.