RBS offers a full-service Payroll to any size company. We offer the same service as National brand companies and the same personal attention. We have a one-to-one interactions with a payroll and Certified Bookkeeper at RBS.

RBS will perform error free wage calculations that are in accordance with the current tax law and guarantee all payroll tax deposits, if we at RBS fails to make a payroll tax deposit RBS will pay the penalty associated with tax deposit, therefore, we will make sure your taxes are paid by due date and the payroll reports filled on time. This is accomplished by electronically paying the taxes using EFTPS, using your bank account.

By outsourcing your payroll allows the business owner to concentrate on the operational function of the business. RBS will keep a business compliance so the business can continue operations and ultimately grow its profits, by keeping its payroll cost down.

Here is our breakdown of our services:

  • Full outsourced payroll management
  • Use Direct Deposit to pay employees
  • Provide employee paystub with year to date earnings
  • Use EFTPS to pay all federal payroll taxes such as 940, 941, 944, and 945
  • Prepare and pay all state taxes
  • Prepare all federal payroll reports, 940, 941, 944, 945, W-2s and W-3s.
  • Prepare information to pay Child support garnishments, and federal and state garnishments
  • We can customize reports to meet the needs of the business
  • We can prepare Worker’s Compensation reports
  • Send monthly Payroll Journals